Thursday, January 31, 2013

Visits with Uncle Ben, Aunt Terrell and Cousin Andy

Well, as usual it has been quite a while since the last post.... I've been wanting to show some of the great photos we've gotten with Olivia and her Uncle Ben, Aunt Terrell, and Cousin Andy. These are from August and December when they came out to Colorado.  It sure has been fun having a baby girl around, especially with all the darling clothes Terrell blesses her with!!

Uncle Ben and Olivia

Fun at Lollipop park, celebrated all the boys birthdays a few weeks early. The boys just demolished that icing!
Aunt Terrell and Olivia

Fun at the zoo 

They sure do love their cousin Andy!!

North Pole Christmas Eve Day


Uncle Jason, Caleb, and Noah

Awww... so pretty!

This outfit was so adorable!!

All the superheroes

Andy is so sweet with Olivia!

All the grandkids together!

Friday, July 13, 2012

2 months old!

Two months old... she's "Our American Girl" like her shirt says...  

Olivia is our sweetie pie. She is in the 98% in height and now 75% in weight... she was 92% in weight, but she's trying to slim down like her Mommy. :)  She sleeps well at night, usually just up once. She loves sleeping on you during the day and keeps waking up lately when you lay her down. She does have her fiesty times that sometimes seem harder than having twins, but overall she is doing great.

Friday, June 1, 2012

Home sweet Home

It felt awfully strange being able to leave the hospital so easily WITH our sweet baby girl in our arms!! Helped fill that void in my heart that needed mending after having to leave the boys in the NICU previously. This was a touching and wonderful day for me... also happened to be Mother's Day :)

 The boys were SO EXCITED!!

 All the proud guys...

It sure felt like we were escaping!!

Got my Girl :)

The boys love to give her every toy and dolly she owns :)

They created a precious poem/song with Uncle Denys and Aunt Shantelle

They sing her songs ALL the time... she's pretty good at sleeping through it... so far...

Noah holding his sister

Silly Caleb with her pacifier!

 Precious afternoon nap with Daddy on the hammock

So stinkin' cute!!

 Big Brother Noah

Big Brother Caleb

 Olivia getting to meet the Jacksons

Noah, Caleb and Derek

Helping push her in her swing

That's right, Pretty like her Mommy :)

Love this outfit

Great expression

"Aunt" Emmy

Rocking their sweet sister

Too cute!
Our family in sculpture...

Jonathan's Drawings

Sweet Olivia Christine

Our sweet girl, Olivia Christine Mayles, was born on May 11, 2012 at 12:16pm. She is a gift from God and we are so blessed!

8lbs 4oz, 21 inches

Her proud big brothers! Caleb and Noah
 Brand new to this world...

 Grandma Mary

 Grandma Gay Hope

 Grandpa Rick

 "Aunt" Kari

 Grandpa Brian

 Caleb, Noah, Olivia and Daddy...
( Caleb thought she was a pretend baby at first, once she moved he was caught off guard! :)

Uncle Denys and Aunt Shantelle
Aunt Shantelle

 Uncle Andrew
Uncle Jason
And she says, "I can't wait to meet you Uncle Ben, Aunt Terrell and Cousin Anderson!!!